Wedding Spotlight: Rebecca and Michael

Rebecca Pappa & Michael McFadden are two amazing individuals whose creativity and free spirit helped them bring an awe-inspiring vision to life for their wedding day.  It’s an honor for us to shine our wedding spotlight on this one of a kind event that our friends created.

Rebecca met Michael 10 years ago while bartending together in midtown Manhattan.

“We were friends first, lovers later 🙂 We have been living together in Brooklyn for the past 7 years.”

Becky and Mike have been traveling the world together since they began dating.  They knew that they wanted a destination wedding of sorts, but they also knew that they wanted an entirely new and exciting experience.  A new adventure, rather than a location that had already been visited and explored.

“I have always, for some reason, wanted to get married at midnight. I love the idea of starting a new day, with a new chapter of life. In Iceland this time of year it is light out for almost 24 hours straight.”

“We wanted the opportunity to show our family why we love to travel, and to provide an experience that was representative of who we are as a couple. By the grace of some amazing internet god I stumbled across an article about an elopement in Iceland, they raved about their planner. I emailed Pink Iceland and hired them pretty much immediately. They provided incredible experience for me and our guests.”

“I wanted a Game of Thrones, Viking Princess, magical moment with Mike. We both spent time creating a look that we loved, and that we felt fit the environment. Our wedding looks were a combination of new, vintage, and borrowed items.”

One of the most difficult concerns for many couples when mapping out a wedding abroad is putting trust in a foreign wedding planner.  This was difficult at first for Rebecca and Michael, two NYC natives who love food, and have backgrounds in Manhattan’s restaurant industry.

“We completely trusted our planner when it came to the food, which was difficult for food snobby New Yorkers. We ended up with one of Iceland’s best cooking for us all weekend. This was not your filet mignon or stuffed chicken kind of wedding. And for that we were so grateful.”

::PICTURED ABOVE:: “My favorite part of the wedding food. They put local lobster in raw firatbtge. Pour the hot broth over which cooks it and the lobster melts in ya mouth!”

“The ceremony in front of that waterfall still feels surreal. It was an epic moment that seemed to remind us of the beauty of strength. I am so happy we stuck to our guns and did what felt right to us, and threw tradition out the window. Saying our vows, and celebrating with a champagne toast in from of that incredible scenery surrounded by everyone we love is a memory that feels too beautiful to be mine.”

“Also my favorite part of the ceremony was one of the quotes we chose to incorporate which our amazing officiant Bjarni used to end the ceremony, ” I warn you, If you bore me I will take my revenge” – from Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolken. That quote pretty much sums us up!”

“The farmhouse we stayed in was truly incredible, and if anyone travels to Iceland we highly recommend it. The owner Yoan was incredible, there was fresh baked bread every morning, incredible food, gorgeously decorated, a huge hot tub to hang out in, and Icelandic horses scattering the grounds. It is a very special place. They were warm, welcoming, and made our experience as comfortable as being at home. We also planned three days of excursions for our wedding guests. We went hiking through Thingvellir national park, where Game of Thrones is filmed.”

We wish a lifetime of love and laughter to our friends Becky and Michael.  Do you have a destination wedding you’d like us to feature?  Drop us a line at!

Rebecca and Michael’s Shoutouts:

Wedding Planner: Birna from PINK ICELAND

Wedding Photographer: Kristin Maria Stefansdottir

Wedding Venue: Kjarnholt Farmhouse

Wedding Dress & Designer: Lovely Bride NYC    Odylyne the Ceremony

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