Wedding Spotlight: Meg & John

Meg’s parents were living in Ireland for 6 months for business.  Her boyfriend John had to work Memorial Day week, so Meg went out to visit her parents.

“We were waiting to go into contract on the purchase of our first house during this time so we were in constant contact while I was away. On the night of May 31st I got the phone call that the sellers had signed and we were officially in contract! I was so excited to tell John but he wasn’t picking up my phone calls (very weird and out of character) Eventually I received a call back but John was very short and did not seem as excited as I was and sounded like he just wanted to get off the phone.”


Meg went to sleep that night quite confused but chalked it up to John just having a bad day. What she didn’t know was at the time John was in the airport and couldn’t find anywhere to get away from the announcements. The whole conversation consisted of him constantly having to mute his microphone so that Meg wouldn’t know where he was.

Meg was told that her mother Sue made plans to have high tea on June 1st at the Killruddery House and Gardens. She was told to ‘look nice’ but thought nothing of it as it was a formal tea. Little did  she know that John took a red eye flight and landed that morning.

The morning of June 1st Meg and her mother got all dolled up and ready to go. Meg’s father left the house early stating that he was going to the gym (in reality he went to the airport to pick up John). When the ladies finally arrived outside of the entrance to The Orangery, Meg’s mom told her she needed to make a work call, so Meg walked inside to get them a table.


“I walk into the Orangery and John walks out from behind a pillar. I have never been so surprised in my life. I repeated ‘What are you doing here?’ multiple times as he hugged me and said hello. I genuinely had no idea why he was there. He eventually answered my question saying ‘Well, I traveled a really long distance to ask you a really important question…’ He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, was in hysterics when I responded yes.”


Even the ring had a special story. The diamond is a family stone passed down from Meg’s parents to John. John then went to Maggie at Hinchliffe Jewelry to design the ring.  Maggie is one of Meg’s closest friends and worked in secrecy to create her dream ring with John.


“I am completely obsessed with it. It has 9 small diamonds on either side of the center stone .. my birthday is 9/9 the attention to detail is spectacular.”



Meg’s parents pulled out a congratulatory picnic basket and bottle of Champagne that they had picked up in France just for the occasion. They all had a picnic lunch on the grounds and Meg got to hear the background story.


“I hadn’t noticed with everything else that was going on but we were the only people on the grounds. It turns out that we were the first planned proposal on the grounds. My mom had made up fake tickets to the ‘high tea’ and the girl at the ticket counter was in on the whole scheme!”


Meg, her parents, and John went on to have an amazing long weekend in Ireland. They traveled to the Aran Islands and had a lovely stay in a cute bed and breakfast.


“Needless to say it was the best trip of my life!”



Photography: Dermot Byrne

“Dermot was incredible!  He scheduled us on very short notice and his photos were great!”

The Ring: Hinchliffe Jewelry

“Maggie is one of my closest friends and worked with John very closely to create my dream ring.”

The Venue: Killruddery House & Gardens

“Ciara Duffy, the wedding coordinator, helped coordinate the entire production.”


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