Vendor Spotlight: Hair By Matt

Today we shine our vendor spotlight on the talented Matthew Calogero.  Matt has over 15 years experience servicing brides and bridesmaids all over the state of NY.  When he isn’t on site at weddings and private events, Matthew is a stylist and Goldwell color specialist at Hair Machine salon in Rockville Centre NY.

“I put my heart and soul into everyone’s hair I do.  My goal is to make everyone smile who leaves my chair.”

From a young age, Matthew knew that the art of hair styling was his passion.

“I love to create hairstyles that show the artist within.  Even when I was younger playing with my girl cousins I would take their barbies and give them all updo’s and thought wow when I get older I would love to bring hair to life.”

Matthew built his brand not only on his artistic strengths, but also on his personal rapport with his clients.  He shared a story with us that exemplifies his biggest piece of advice for a bride, “be yourself”.
“I had a bride who really wasn’t sure as to what kind of hairstyle was best for her, but being she had a regal gown my opinion was a classic updo. Of course she wasn’t an “updo kinda girl” so I said to her, “Be yourself and be comfortable”. After doing 5 different trials she decided on the classic updo.
The day of the wedding everything was a success until the final minutes before she left to marry her future husband, she frantically panicked and said she didn’t like how she looked, as I was about to walk out the door her sister the maid of honor screamed, “Matt please help don’t leave, please bring curling iron, hairspray and bobby pins upstairs!”
I ran upstairs and see the bride crying, she didn’t like how she looked all done up and wanted her hair down like how she always wears it . I said, “Don’t worry, don’t panic, I’m here to help you feel comfortable.” As the mother screams in background in anger about being late for the church I simply took apart her hairstyle and pulled it all down to how she wanted it. I couldn’t believe the weight that was released from her stress level, it was amazing. She was so happy and so grateful for me to save the day. She gave me such a hug of relief and happiness that it made me smile and have the best day because I knew she was going to have an awesome day. So it goes to show be yourself not someone you’re not. It’s your day not anyone else’s…”
Stories like this go to show that sometimes wedding day stress can be avoided simply by choosing a professional that knows how to adapt to any situation.  Matt (his close friends call him by his nickname, Gucci) has hundreds of satisfied clients from all over New York, and his passion for his craft ensures that you will end up looking beautiful on your big day.  As Matt reminds us, feeling comfortable with the way you look is the most important thing for a bride.
“Once that is accomplished, sit back and look around and enjoy your time as a newly couple. Eat, drink, dance and laugh!”
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