True Bromance : Our Top Five Groomsmen Gifts

Greetings Brohemeths!

When choosing your best man and your groomsmen, your goal is simple.  You must go through the list of your closest friends and family members, and decide which of them are in fact the MVPs of your existence. Who has had your back since day one? Who was always there for you when you needed them? Who never fails to make you laugh?  Who do you most enjoy spending your free time with?

Once you have your all-star team assembled, you have some additional decisions to make.  What style of tux will have everyone in your crew looking dapper?  Which bachelor party destination will be most enjoyable for you and your groom squad?  Who will be in charge of posting bail?  I’m kidding…hopefully.

Last but not least, it is standard tradition for the groom to give his groomsmen a gift.  A token of his appreciation for their friendships and loyalty.  This is sometimes a tricky choice to make.  You must take everyone’s taste and style into consideration, as well as your own personal budget.

We have compiled a list of our top 5 groomsmen gifts.  Take a look, and see if any of the items listed below are the perfect ‘thank you’ for your wolf pack:



1. Orchill Wallets 


Orchill is an Australian company founded in 2002.  They make high quality, sylish, user-friendly wallets that will not break the bank.  Not only are Orchill wallets slim fitting for any pocket size, their design combines the traditional wallet/ card holder/ money clip all into one.  This will help accomodate all of your groomsmen, regardless of their preference.  Their products range from $34.99 – $59.99, making them an affordable option for a high end gift.




2. Herschel Supply Company

Every man deserves a quality piece of luggage. Herschel Supply Company began in Scotland and is now located in Canada. Herschel makes a wide variety of men’s backpacks, messenger bags, totes, and more, with a keen eye for style and detail. Our personal favorite are their weekend duffles, which include a separate compartment for your shoes, along with durable zippers and leather handles.  They make bags suitable for school, work, business, athletics, leisure, and the outdoors, so no matter what your groomsmen are into, there’s something for everyone.  Herschel products start around $29.99 but go as high as $149.99, so peruse the site until you find the perfect option for your group.


3.  Nixon Watches

The wristwatch is a traditional and fairly common choice for a groomsman gift.  The problem, however, when going with this option is that in many cases, a quality watch comes with a steep price tag.  That’s why we love Nixon.  They offer a wide array of well-made styles and designs, so you’re certain to find a watch that’s appealing to any guy in your crew.  Nixon watches range from $60 – $2,500 in price, with the average around $199.  You can, of course, find plenty of other watches at this price point, but Nixon’s lineup is far more diverse than most, making it a great option for guys who want more than a standard dress watch.



4. Bullets 2 Bandages Bottle Openers

As Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers, Erik Spalding and Cole Evans were once responsible for defusing and disposing the explosive devices that have become all-too-common in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Upon exiting the military in 2010 they felt they had a responsibility to create a way for people to say “Thank You” to their fellow soldiers and the veterans that have fought for our freedom and safety.  Bullets 2 Bandages create personalized bottle openers and barware out of real aummunition, donating 15% of their sales to veteran charities. Their products start at only $19.99, making them a masculine and affordable gift for your band of groomsmen brothers.


5.  Knockaround Sunglasses

If you’re getting married in the summer, especially if you’re into beach or destination weddings, a good pair of sunnies is essential.  Why not treat your Rat Pack to a nice pair of shades!? If you choose to go with a high end brand, you may find yourself way over budget, which is why we love Knockaround.  Based out of San Diego, Knockaround offers dozens of wayfarer style sunglasses, along with the ability to create custom pairs.  For only $30 you can choose your frames, lens colors, and more.  They even include spring hinges and polarized lenses.  With so many options at such an afforable price, its clear to see why Knockaround made our list.









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