The Planning of Kayla & Peter’s Big Day: Booking Our Venue

As I mentioned before, I hadn’t put much thought into what I wanted my wedding to look like or where I wanted it to take place, and neither had Pete. When the dust finally settled after our engagement, Peter and I took to our computers to scope out some possible venues.  We quickly realized we were in over our heads. We had a budget, some suggestions from people we knew, and we’d seen some pretty photos online while Googling aimlessly; but we didn’t have the slightest clue how to narrow down our list. Our first few (pathetic) conversations pretty much went like this:

Pete: “This place looks nice.”
Me: “But the table thingie where we sit is kinda plain and small. I want a little more pizazz.”
Pete: “You mean the dais?”
Me: “The wha?”

Or this:

Pete: “This place has multiple weddings going on at once.”
Me: “Oh, no, I don’t want that.”
Pete: “You realize three places we already put on our list of possibilities have multiple weddings, too, right?”
Me: “Wha?”

So, we just started booking tours with any venue in our price range.  One of my coworkers told me that she booked several tours when she was wedding planning, but after looking at just three places, she canceled the rest, having fallen in love with the third venue she visited.  I was hoping I would have a similar experience….I didn’t.

I started off feeling excited: This would be fun. I knew my dream venue was out there. (Even though I still didn’t know what my dream was). Well, I loved some features of Venue 1, other features of Venue 2, most features of Venue 3; but I just didn’t love everything about any one place. By venue 5, the excitement wore off.

Then it hit me… who am I kidding? I can’t do this. I literally spend $500 every time I shop online because I order everything in every color and need at least a week of owning it all to make a final decision. If I can’t decide between getting a dress in Very Berry or Sage Green, how am I going to pick a venue??

Venue 6…. Venue 7….

Ayyiyi Gif
It was time to sit down with my parents and discuss our options. We went through the pros and cons of the venues that we were still considering and discussed the available dates. I thought my parents would help me to be more decisive. Instead…

Dad: “Well, I don’t know about a Friday wedding if the venue isn’t close by. It’ll be a hike for people, and traffic will be terrible.”

Mom: “Most venues also have a wedding during the day?! So if you have your wedding on a Saturday night you won’t be able to get ready at the venue, and there will be less time to take pictures! I don’t like that…”

Me: “Okay, no Fridays if the venue isn’t nearby. No Saturdays pretty much anywhere. So that leaves us with…..”

Papers GIF

We realized we would have to compromise on a few things, as we visited the next couple of venues.

Venue 8…Venue 9…

Hmm…Venue 9: the Larkfield Manor in East Northport. As we left the tour that day, I turned to Pete and said “I think this could be it.” And– Praise the Lord!—it was.

The one good thing about going on all of those venue tours was that I had started to make a list of must-haves, and the Larkfield Manor checked off most of my list. It’s really pretty and classic-looking (√), it has a nice outdoor space and a garden to hold the ceremony (√), it has a big, lovely bridal suite (√), it has a beautiful room with a nice-sized dance floor(√), the food is very good (√), the liquor is top shelf (√), they had a date that works for us (√), and the price was right (√).  Okay, so, some of our family and friends might have to drive a bit to get to it, and there is one other event that’ll take place the same night as our wedding; but I realized that you can’t have it alland what we’ve got is pretty close to perfect.

So, Friday, July 6, 2018, is the date! Let the countdown begin!



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