The Planning of Kayla & Peter’s Big Day: Photographers, DJs, and Florists…Oh My!

Photography, videography and music are three of the biggest aspects of a wedding. They set the mood and document this crazy, important (and expensive!) day. I don’t know how people sort through all of the vendors out there.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to. My brother got married two years ago and loved the people he used. Since then, more family members and friends used these same vendors which further verified that they’re great and reliable.  So we were pretty set.  Fortunately for us, they were available on our date, so we quickly lined up Jay Lim Photography and Intense Entertainment.

Boom Done.gif

Flowers (I am told) are also a big part of the event.  I get it. They add to the venue’s ambiance. However, they are one part of my wedding that I personally do not care too much about.  If you know me, you know that I’ve never been a big fan of cut flowers. Pete knows not to bother buying me any.  I mean, you rip them out of their natural environment and (attempt to) preserve them for a few days indoors where they inevitably wither and die. To me, they’re just not worth it.  At weddings, I will say, “Ooh, how pretty” when I walk into the room. Then the only other time that I take note of them throughout the night is when I’m trying to see around them to talk to someone on the other side of the table. But I digress…

Although I am not a huge fan of flowers, I am also the least crafty person you will ever meet. So as it turns out, flowers became the lesser of two evils once I started to search for flowerless centerpiece options on Pinterest.  I was not about to add over a dozen little DIY projects to my wedding to-do list.

Still unwilling to spend an exorbitant amount of money on floral arrangements, I was aiming to go small. When I spoke to my parents about this, my dad—surprisingly—was the one who opposed.

“Why so small!? You at least need something with a decent diameter. And what about some height?”

I explained the whole budget thing to him. He nodded his head in understanding, and then he googled an image on his phone and showed it to me.

“Just get something like this…

Dads centerpiece.jpg

What could this cost? A hundred dollars a piece?”



(He wasn’t joking.)

Soooo, yea… that conversation didn’t end well.  I decided to start reaching out to florists with my modest budget to see what they could do for me. Meanwhile, one of my aunts suggested the florist my cousin had used for her wedding.  This florist was forty-minutes away, and my weekends were already jam-packed.  So, my parents volunteered to scope it out for me.

After their appointment, I called my mom to see how it went.  She happily told me that it had gone so well that they signed with them on the spot. Now, I realize that I probably should have been excited about this.  After all, it was another important item that was taken care of, and it was something I didn’t care a whole lot about to begin with.  But I wasn’t excited. I was miffed that a decision had been made when I hadn’t even been present. A heated “discussion” ensued.

All’s well that ends well, though. And it did end up being just fine. I am incredibly grateful that I have parents who are willing to spend their Saturday afternoon checking out a florist for me. I know they only spontaneously booked it because they were certain that it was a good choice, and there was really no need for me to drive out there myself to confirm what they already knew. They do understand why I was annoyed, and I’m over my initial irritation.  So I can officially say that I’m thrilled that Flowers by Burton is booked and that another big item is out of the way.

Especially since I now have to focus my attention on getting my gown…


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