Vendor Spotlight: Lasting Moment Films

When booking your wedding photographer, many companies will persuade you to book their videography services as well.  It is very important to consider that just because their photography portfolio is to your liking, it does not necessarily mean you will be satisfied with their video services. It’s also important to remember their add-on price may be above what your were originally intending to spend.

If you’re looking for a quality videographer at an affordable price, you’re in luck.  Today we shine our vendor spotlight on Tom Asta. Tom has been shooting wedding films for over 10 years. He originally worked for a larger studio, but in 2015 he decided he needed independence.  That’s when Lasting Moment Films was born.

“I wanted to start my own business so I had direct contact, instead of working for someone else, with my couples and so I create and tell their story. I also only book 1 job per day. My attention is focused on my bride and groom.”



Tom takes his professional experience from working with a large company and combines it with the personal attention that you can only receive when working with someone one-on-one.

“Every wedding is treated as a different, special experience. I get to know them and we build up a good rapport for the wedding day. Knowing my brides and grooms in advance allows me to learn about them and possibly capture that small moment that means a lot to them, but may otherwise be missed.”



Lasting Moment Films has grown over the past three years.  Tom has several amazing photographers and videographers that he collaborates with, and he offers a range of packages to fit your style and budget (click here to view).  Lasting Moment Films is largely referral based, and dozens of couples are ecstatic about the work that Tom has done for them.

If you would like to learn more about Lasting Moment Films, visit Tom’s Planestry profile and chat with him today!

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Lasting Moment Films official website

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