Vendor Spotlight: KetaNuva Studios

Experience goes a long way when choosing your perfect wedding photographer. Tahmid and his colleagues at KetaNuva Studios have been studying and perfecting their craft for over 5 years, serving the entire NY Metro area.

When we spoke to Tahmid, he cited Ryan Brenizer of Chrisman Studios in San Francisco as an artistic inspiration.  If you’re unfamiliar, Ryan is considered one of the best wedding photographers in the world, so you know you’re in good hands if KetaNuva is aspiring to fill the shoes of a pioneer. 

“As a group of artists who place creativity above all else, we all had to learn the skills of being good at building our brand and business.”

KetaNuva Studios shoot multiple styles, ranging from urban and photojournalistic to rustic and bohemian themes.  They are largely referral based, which is a testament to the happiness they bring to their customers.

“The most rewarding aspect of the wedding business is The smile (and the tears) that our images bring to our clients.”

Tahmid loves to remind couples that wedding photography can and should be thrilling, so remember to live in the moment and enjoy your big day when it comes to capturing it on film.  Remember, images are forever!



Their work is truly breathtaking, and you can check out plenty more of it on their Planestry profile.  If you like what you see (and who wouldn’t!?) go ahead and send them an invitation to chat on the site.


Planestry Profile – KetaNuva Studios

Official Site – KetaNuva Studios

Instagram – KetaNuva Studios

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