The Planning of Kayla & Peter’s Big Day: I Said Yes!

Hi, all! My name’s Kayla, and I’m newly engaged to my fiancé (still weird to use that word!), Peter. We’re both in our late 20s, we’re  both teachers, and we’re (hopefully) getting married within the year! I thought it’d be fun to document our journey from engagement to walking down the aisle–especially since I’m pretty clueless about this wedding stuff, so it should be a fun but bumpy road!

Pete and I started dating in May of 2012. In our five years of dating, we’ve endured:

  • seemingly hopeless job searching
  • jobs we did find, but hated
  • living at home with our parents (love you, mom and dad 😉 )
  • the havoc student loans wreaked on our bank accounts
  • Hurricane Sandy basically destroying Pete’s home
  • the loss of beloved family members
  • and a plethora of other little life stressors

Thankfully, our relationship never caused stress.  We’ve really never had any major fights, we communicate well, he laughs at my bizarre behavior and humor — there’s just not much to complain about.  In the last year or so, we got (almost) everything else to go right in our lives, too.  We finally settled in at teaching jobs in great districts, we got tenured, and we moved in together in an awesome apartment by the beach. We seemed ready for the next step.

We started to discuss the possibility of getting married in the near future.  We even discussed some of the logistics.  I told Pete, whenever it did happen, I wanted to wear my grandmother’s engagement ring.  I also didn’t want some crazy, public engagement with strangers all around us, etc.  The conversation would resurface now and again, but I wasn’t yet at the put-a-ring-on-my-finger-or-I-might-kill-you phase.  So, as the summer ended, when Pete suggested we go out to dinner to a nearby restaurant, I suspected nothing.  In fact, at dinner, when the topic of weddings came up, I even jokingly asked him what he had in mind for our future engagement.  “Do you even have a plan,” I asked?  “Yeah, I got a plan,” he replied.  I was shocked!  I thought, Oh!  Well, maybe he’s thinking of doing it around Christmas? Or maybe my birthday, which is right near Valentine’s Day?  Little did I know that he had the ring in his pocket at that very moment.   (P.S.  I’m extremely proud of Pete for the poker face he kept at dinner that night, because he is usually a terrible liar).

After dinner we went and sat on the beach– another activity that didn’t strike me as weird, since we live a block away.  After about twenty minutes of sitting and enjoying the sunset, Pete suggested we go back to our apartment because it was getting buggy.  As I started to dust the sand off my pants, I noticed a bizarre display of tourists standing behind us, phones in hand, who appeared to be videotaping “something”  interesting that I supposed must be going on in the ocean.  It took me a few seconds to realize those tourists were actually our family members, and they were in fact videotaping us…But why were they videotaping us?  Then the reality of the moment fully hit me…

I turned back to Pete and very eloquently said, “Shut the f*** up!”  To which he replied, “Stand up so I can kneel down.”  As I sat there staring at him in a daze, he repeated, “Stand up!”  Finally comprehending how this all worked, I stood.  He knelt and opened a velvet box containing my grandmother’s ring.  He asked the famous question, and I said yes through my bouts of nervous laughter.  It was a blur of confusion, surprise, excitement, and joy.  Suddenly, we were being hugged and congratulated by our stealthy family members.   We walked back to our apartment, which had been decorated by my family and my future in-laws while Pete and I were at dinner.  We drank champagne, took pictures, and ate cake — all while feeling a little loopy, high from the adrenaline of it all.


Two days later we attended a party, unrelated to our engagement, with my extended family.  My aunts and uncles excitedly congratulated us and, of course, asked:  “Did you pick a date yet?”



I am definitely not one of those girls who has her entire wedding set in her mind before she is even engaged.  I have not even remotely thought about a date, a venue, or anything else planning-related!  So, it goes without saying that I definitely have my work cut out for me this year…


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2 thoughts on “The Planning of Kayla & Peter’s Big Day: I Said Yes!

  1. Rose Reply

    Congratulations, Kayla – enjoy the ride!! I can relate to a number of feelings in this post and am excited to follow your journey. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Valerie Maiorino Reply

    Congratulations on your engagement
    Best of luck and happiness in the future years to come.🥂🥂🥂
    Love Aunt Valerie❤️

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