5 Makeup Tips That Will Save Your Wedding Photos


Your wedding day was a big success. You cried tears of joy during your nuptials, drank just the right amount of champagne, danced the night away, and finished it off by indulging in some yummy frosted cake that your new hubby lovingly dabbed on your nose. Aww! You are totally high on life until the day you receive your wedding photos and…DUN DUN DUN! Your mascara was running, your lipstick faded, and your skin was shining like Vin Diesel’s head on a hot day. Oh, the horror! This nightmare has come true for many a bride, but it can be prevented with just a few tweaks. Here’s how to bulletproof your makeup so those pics come out as perfect as the day itself.


  1. Prepare Your Skin for the Big Day

Assuming you’ve already exfoliated, cleansed, and moisturized—the best way to prep the skin for a hard day of makeup is to use a primer. These address personal skin concerns, increase the longevity of your makeup, and come in a variety of formulas. Brightening, smoothing, or hydrating—there’s a primer for that. You can even layer them if you really want to go for it, which is your bridal prerogative. I salute you!


2. Resist the Urge to Cake on the Coverage

Your foundation should cover imperfections without looking like you could cut through it with a knife. To achieve this, opt for a lightweight, medium coverage formula and add extra coverage with concealer where needed. Remember to avoid SPF, which can cause that ghostly white cast in flash photography. Not today, Satan.


3. Don’t Let Contouring Intimidate You

Forget that war-paint looking contouring you’ve seen on Insta. This technique is just meant to enhance your best features, and it looks especially flattering in pics. The idea is to use cool tones, which mimic shadows, to create definition and shape the face. For chiseled perfection, simply use a cool toned, matte bronzer (the less orange the better) at the hairline, jawline, and right under the cheekbones.


4. Choose the Right Lipstick

Wedding=Lots of Kissing. To kiss-proof your lips, always use a liner first, and go for lipsticks with a semi-matte or satin finish. These tend to last longer and transfer less, without looking too dry like most full-matte formulas. Pro Tip: Cool toned colors make your teeth look whiter. Head to Sephora and try some on—you’ll know right away.


5. Set It and Forget It

This one is the most important if you want your face to stay cute while you bust those moves later. To set your makeup, press in some translucent setting powder formulated without Silica (another culprit of photo flashback), and follow with a generous helping of setting spray to lock in all that hard work.


Oh, you’ve hired a makeup artist?

One less thing to worry about, right? WRONG. Many makeup artists focus on making you look beautiful—and they do a great job—but may lack the skill or knowledge required to make sure their work lasts, and translates in photographs. Keep these tips in mind and always be clear about what you want, so there’s no last minute drama, and you can enjoy your special day without stress. Well…without makeup stress, at least!


P.S. Waterproof Mascara!


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