How to Create a Bad & Boujee Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

Rain drop. Drop top. My wedding spending is nonstop…

When planning my wedding, staying on budget was often trickier than I expected.  I would spend my evenings on the couch, taking screenshots from various Instagram accounts of dresses, floral arrangements, cakes, and  invitations.  But when it came time to make deposits and purchases, I learned that some of the dream items I had saved in my photo gallery were a bit out of my price range.  Ok…maybe more than a bit. They were freaking expensive!!

I’ve compiled a list of ways that I managed to stay within my budget while still achieving the wedding that I knew I deserved. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful as you inch closer to your big day.

  1. What Means the World to You?

In other words, which aspects of your wedding do you NEED to spend big bucks on? For me, it was my dress.  And so, I deposited a mortgage payment at Kleinfeld’s.  For my husband, it was entertainment.  So our DJ package included live vocalists, live percussionists, HDTV screens, laser light shows, and CO2 cannons.  I have to admit, it was quite the spectacle and it was very cool.  

2) You Need to Cut It!

Now, having spent a pretty penny on the items listed above, we figured out where to cut corners.  First cut, the cake (see what I did there?).  Let’s be honest, you take a few pictures with it, and then no one really cares about it.  Plus, our venue had a Venetian hour loaded with various delectable desserts.  Next on the chopping block, invitations.  By using thinner letterhead and simpler envelopes, we saved thousands on stationery and postage.  We trimmed our florist budget by educating ourselves and swapping cheaper flowers that were equally beautiful to the more expensive ones.  Oh and for the photographer packages? We made our parents and grandparents photo albums online, and it was way cheaper than the ones the studio offered.

3)  Real Friends?

Cost per plate at our venue was a bit steep, and that’s before we factored in tax & gratuity.  So my husband and I sat down and started to go through our list.  Our goal was to try to figure out and separate our real friends from our acquaintances.  Who on this list would we still be hanging out with in 10 years?  This is no easy task.  Coworkers you feel obligated to invite, high school and college friends that you no longer see very often, new friends that you haven’t known for that long, where do you draw the line? A few weeks and a couple arguments later, we had managed to reduce our list by 45 people.  Looking back, we made the right choices overall.

4) Sharing is Caring!

I had attended many of my best friends’ weddings by the time my big day came.  And many of my friends had items left over from their parties.  For example, one of my friends had beautiful crystal candle holders she used on all of her tables.  She used them in addition to her centerpieces.  So I borrowed them, bought new candles, and reused them.  The candles really brought the look and feel of the room to a new level, and it barely cost me anything.  

Staying on budget has a lot to do with being organized.  And there are multiple websites and apps that are perfect for keeping track of your spending.  One site, however, is far superior.  Shameless plug alert!! Sign up on today, it’s free to join, and you’ll be on your way to creating a Bad and Boujee wedding without breaking the bank!!  



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