A Perfect Storm: Stacey and Zach

When Long Island residents recall Superstorm Sandy they typically think of the high tides, the flowing waters down suburban streets, the violent winds, and all the destruction that came with it. Four years later, many are still rebuilding their homes and their lives, but for Planestry’s newest power couple, Stacey and Zach, the storm ushered in a new beginning.

In the wake of the massive storm, Zach’s career as a catastrophe insurance agent brought him to the broken shores of Long Island, which just so happens to be where Stacey calls home.  In the aftermath of Sandy, Long Beach, NY, found itself as one of the places that truly felt the brunt of the devastation. In many ways the storm put Long Beach on the map and the town began to flood again, this time with those coming to lend a helping hand.

Now here is where things truly get interesting for our couple. It was Sandy that brought Zach to New York, but it took a blistering snow storm to bring him to Stacey. On a cold and snowy day on Long Island, when school and work has been canceled, there is usually only one thing to do…Snow Party!!!

The Long Beach hotel, with its popular bar and great location, found itself as the host of many of those drawn to live in Long Beach on temporary stays. It is also a local favorite for some snow-day cocktails. It was on this occasion when, from across the bar, a girl noticed Zach and he noticed the girl. No. Not Stacey…she was the one of the unfortunate few stuck at work. Luckily for her, one of her besties noticed what Stacey would have noticed herself had she been there; that these two were perfect for eachother.


The two heeded the advice of her matchmaking friend and on for the first date We went for margaritas at Corazon de Cuba in Long Beach – he wanted to take me out to dinner but I had very strict rules for a first date – drinks, on a weeknight – no dinner!” Stacey recalls. Fast forward four years later and here we are, ready to plan a wedding.

For any newly engaged couple the thought of planning evokes feelings of wonder, fear, excitement, anxiety, and most importantly, pure bliss.  When speaking with her about expectations and the planning process (it’s kind of what we are obsessed with over here at Planestry) she had some pretty insightful things to say.

The happy couple plans on waiting almost a full year and a half before standing in front of the altar, taking into consideration all the important steps it takes to plan the big day. When asked when they hope to marry Stacy replied “As much as I love the idea of a summer wedding, summer 2018 would be a bit of a rush.” Slow and steady wins the race for sure. We at Planestry realize the importance of mapping out each and every step along the way. They look to seal the deal in January of 19’. How fitting would it be to have a little snow on the big day?

Stacey also mentioned that the biggest first steps are getting the registries in order and then finding a venue. As with many couples, Stacey stressed that the venue was the top priority. When asked who was helping them along the way, she simply replied “MY MOM!!!”. Way to be the rock of support mom!

I asked Stacy what she is most looking forward to on the big day: “Seeing Zack’s face when he sees me in my dress for the first time – and celebrating with friends and family.”  Well if the moment is anything like what we can see from the engagement night, we know it will be truly amazing.

Congratulations Stacy (did I mention of recent  Wheel of Fortune fame?) and Zach!!! Your friends at Planestry wish you nothing but the best in planning and on the big day. We are here to help along the way!!

Through two perfect storms of fate comes the light of a beautiful future.

<3 <3 <3

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