5 Wedding Trends That Need to Go

We’ve compiled a list of five wedding trends that we would like to kick to the curb.  Do you agree? Disagree? Would you like to add something to our list? Send us an email to team@planestry.com and tell us what you think. Or simply leave a reply in the Comments Section below!!

Bouquet Toss

All the single ladies, all the single ladies….hate this tradition.  Reminiscent of an onside kick in the final seconds of an NFL playoff game, your single gal pals are forced to lineup in an attempt to catch a poorly thrown bundle of flowers.  Women lunge and jump, bumping and pushing one another, or worse, they unenthusiastically stand still while the bouquet is lazily caught by an apathetic receiver.  It is an antiquated spectacle that does nothing but highlight the fact that YOU are now happily married while THEY are still single. Awesome, right!?

Garter Toss

Did someone say antiquated? Well, the garter toss is hands down the most awkward part of the evening.

First, the groom crawls under your gown and removes a piece of lingerie from your leg…in front of your parents.

Then, the groom must throw the piece of lingerie at a pack of drunk bachelors.

This should end well.

Lastly, the male recipient of the garter must get on his hands and knees and place the lingerie on the nonconsensual leg of a female party guest.

Unless you wish to put your party guests into uncomfortable situations, ditch this tradition.

Complimentary Flip Flips

I get it, fancy shoes can sometimes make people’s feet hurt.  Especially when they are showing off their moves on the dance floor.  But part of what makes your night magical is the elegance of everyone’s appearance.  By removing high heels and replacing them with Old Navy flip flops, it gives a cheesy vibe to a party that began in a very classy way.  Let your guests tough it out.  You will be happy you did when you receive your photographs.

Bottles of Beer

Speaking of your beautiful wedding photography, there is nothing more detrimental to a classy picture than a Bud Light bottle.  Your guests are dressed to impress, please allow them to imbibe in an equally elegant fashion. By pouring beers in glasses, you eliminate the tailgate vibe and allow your wedding photographers to capture the events of the evening properly.

After Party

By the end of the night, most of your friends and family have been drinking for 5 or more hours.  Unless you wish to inflict horrible pain on their minds and bodies the following morning, do not pressure them into attending an after party.  If your wedding was a successful party, your guests will leave tipsy and tired, there is no need to push people to the brink of exhaustion.  Besides, it’s your wedding night.  Go enjoy it with your hubby.


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